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To: Homeowner
From: Tyler Hall
           San Antonio, TX
Look, you can go to the store to buy your salt. You can buy it through HEB Curbside or even at the gas station. Speedy Salt is different, we are changing the way homeowners maintain their homes. "Maintaining my home is a walk in the park." said no homeowner ever. 
  •  Change air filter every month or two
  •  Fill up water softener with salt
  •  Check smoke detectors every 6 months
  •  Flush out hot water heater every year
  •  Clean A/C unit
  •  Power washing and painting the exterior and driveway
  •  Winterize outside plumbing
  •  Remove lint from dryer vent
  •  Clean refrigerator coil
  •  Stain the deck
  •  Fertilize the lawn
  •  Prune trees and shrubs
  •  Tighten cabinet hardware
  •  And the list goes on......
With Speedy Salt, we believe maintaining your home should be hassle free. We help knock one of these off the list and who knows, maybe more in the future. When you choose a Speedy Salt subscription, you are choosing to take good care of your home, knowing that you always have soft water. 
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